The Voice of Autism Nigeria


We are the leading African charity for people with autism (including Asperger syndrome) and their families. We provide information, support and advocacy for a better society for people with autism.






Combating Autism in Nigeria
We are the leading voice of autism in Nigeria. Our goal is to work with relevant parties , including healthcare professionals, special education teachers, Government and business leaders to provide needed care and services to kids and families dealing with Autism. We are a registered charity with the Nigerian government, with the primary goal of making information, services and resources available to families with autism.

Our long term goal is to encourage a government and private partnership to bring about sustained funding of special education schools and special needs pediatric centers to facilitate the early diagnosis and intervention for autistic kids. Our goal is to be provide a support system for families dealing with autism. Voice of Autism is here to give autism a LOUD VOICE in the W/African region.


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